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While the shift to online and digital is pivotal in today’s marketing world, it is important to note that print collateral is still very much prominent in many industries. Brochures in particular, can be instrumental in your advertising efforts if designed properly with a creative and effective layout. Think about your audience and the platforms where they may be learning about your company. At Amaniac Design, we recognize that it is often times, a great strategy to have a multi-channel approach in order to reach different segments of your market.  We take the time to get to know where your audience exists and target them on those channels.


Brochures are a tangible association with your brand— something your audience can feel. It is a benefit to still offer your information in this form because it is an avenue where people have less of a likelihood to get distracted (as may occur on the web).

It’s astonishing to think that about 45% of a brand’s image is determined by what it says and how it says it.

Brand image is integral. At Amaniac Design, not only will we build your brand a visually appealing brochure with engaging imagery, but we tie all of your brand elements together in a layout that emphasizes what is most important to communicate to your audience about your brand, first. We are also connected to some of the most cost-efficient printers in the area so your production costs won’t break the bank. Get started with your leave-behind so consumers can keep you top of mind.

fiu alumni magazine-dsc07157.jpg
fiu amlaw200 brochure-dsc01431.jpg
fiu public defenders brochure-dsc01406.j
30th pearl anniversary brochure- p105043
citizen yoga brochure-dsc03334.jpg
educate tomorrow brochure -dsc03249.jpg
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