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Did you know that the majority of senior executives would rather watch a video describing what your company offers? Reading can become mundane and more difficult to engage an audience, whereas visual content of a step-by-step process is hard to look away from (especially if it’s good!). Selling services for a concept that can be difficult to understand is tough. Explainer videos with accompanied customized visual graphics are an awesome way to to help the interested party understand what it is you offer.

About 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product once they’ve seen an explainer video accompanying it.

At Amaniac Design, we’ll customize your graphics, research statistics relevant to your concept, make sure we have a thorough understanding of the concept/process you want to explain, and create explainer videos with a seamless flow of any length for your specified audience. Even if the concept seems complex, we’ll put the video together into one minute (or less) so that your reach is maximized via social-media- appropriate video durations. Plus, you’ll be an active part of the process until you are satisfied with the result!

Explainer Videos
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