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Content Strategies

Marketing Tip Monday: As content platforms constantly evolve, so do the strategies that deliver them to the appropriate target audiences. We understand that every company differs in frequency and spread of content development. Some companies develop content as often as a few times a day! Others, prefer a more hands-off approach, and only advertise around certain events or seasons. Whatever it is you need, Amaniac Design will help you strategize which delivery method is best for you. Our blog articles are centered around focused and relevant topics, using a specific set of keywords, and tailored for your target audience and their needs. Over 75% of B2B marketers blog! Blogging is the #1 marketing tactic, among content produced via social media and case studies, and contributes to your online searchability.

Keeping your content fresh and updated and further, promoting it to the right audience, so they become part of the conversation and in turn, share it with their social circles is the goal. Do you have a lot of different ideas to share with your audience but aren’t sure the best way to organize your thoughts? We’ll produce detailed content calendars, considering all of the platforms you are currently on, propose platforms that would benefit you, and integrate them all into a schedule so that your business streams a constant outflow of information. It’s important to customize each post with relevant hashtags, cohesive campaign elements, targeted audiences based on demographics and psychographics, and industry-appropriate keywords to maximize SEO. We’ll make sure that your brand influencers are getting the information they need and constantly conduct analyses to make sure your audience’s needs are being addressed at the right times. Let us help you transform your content into ROI.

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