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Marketing Myths- Exposed

Marketing can be a tricky industry when it comes to figuring out what works best and what doesn’t. Timing and good strategy can make a killer combination if used properly. With so much that could go right when executing a strategy, there is a lot that can be misinterpreted when analyzing results. We’re here to debunk some of the marketing industry’s biggest myths with the help of some expert sources and our own experiences.

Publicity is Only for Struggling Products or Services.

Not true! People often defer to this definition of publicity: Notice or attention given to someone or something. However, in marketing it means: the giving out of information about a product, person, or company for advertising or promotional purposes. Through the years, the word “publicity” has gotten a bad rap. People automatically think of celebrity scandals and media outcries. Due to this, when a brand gets publicity, it is sometimes associated with a negative connotation where it may be assumed a product is “suffering” because it is a topic of the media. If a product or service gets publicity, this doesn’t imply it is bad and if a product doesn’t get publicity, it doesn’t mean it’s strong enough to survive on it’s own without advertising. The truth of the matter is, advertising is good for brand awareness to grow and eventually leads to sales. It gives brands the opportunity to get in front of the right audiences and stand out among their competition. Word of mouth can only get you so far. A new business needs all the publicity (hopefully positive) they can get in the form of online reviews, influencer shares, features in articles or the news, etc. to spread awareness about their business. Whether a business is successful and established, or struggling and brand new, publicity can be equally beneficial!

There is Only One Conversion That Matters.

False. Often times, when a marketing team sets up what they define as a “conversion”, it is usually a click to purchase once an item is in the cart. While making a sale is the ultimate goal, the action of purchasing, or the “last click”, is not the only conversion of value. There are multiple clicks that can lead to a meaningful action. “Learn More” buttons or “Contact Us” links can be just as important to the purchase journey. For instance, if I am curious about a product and click to find out more information about it, I may be intrigued enough to buy it if the information I read is compelling enough. Another example is valuable to service-oriented businesses. If I am looking to hire an attorney, I may click the “Contact Us” link to set up a consultation. The attorney gets a potential lead from me and thus, considers this a conversion. Keep an open mind and don’t be one-dimensional when analyzing your conversions!

Content Marketing is Not for Small Businesses.

Lies! Content marketing can be for ALL businesses. It may not be a one-size-fits-all approach, but then again, nothing in marketing is. What works for your business may not work for mine. One thing is for certain though, the more information is out there by your company, the more your visibility will increase, alongside the likelihood of someone finding your business online. Consistently producing content can raise your search-ability by over 100%. SEO is improved with every bit of content you generate, which means someone will hopefully be led to your business over a competitor’s if you’re utilizing the right combination of targeting tactics, content creation, and media platforms. If you believe your niche doesn’t call for content marketing, think again. Strategize new and interesting ways to share industry or company news with your community and the growth will come eventually.

Having an Online Presence is Not Necessary.

It’s the 21st century. If you are in a new area and need to find a local florist near you, I doubt your’e dusting off the old phone book and flipping the pages to the letter “F” to begin making calls. Chances are, you’re hopping onto Google and typing in “Florist near me” to get your search going. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, what are you doing? At the very least, you should have a website where people can visit to find out more. Now more than ever in a highly competitive marketplace, it is so important to establish trust with your consumers. If your competition doesn’t exist on the same platforms where you advertise, this could mean you have the upper hand and are targeting your audience where they exist most. Diversify your advertising platforms to boost your brand’s SEO. Over 80% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product, so even if you don’t have a virtual marketplace, interested parties are still going to want to read about what you can offer them when considering their options. Moreover, almost half of buyers view three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative, so having a prominence online can only help your chances of gaining a lead!

Digital Marketing is a Cost.

Negative. While there are platforms that cost money to help you advertise online, the big picture shows us that digital marketing generates revenue and boosts ROI, making it the very opposite of a cost. ROI for digital marketing is actually higher in the long-run because it generates revenue for a longer period of time. Though inbound and outbound marketing are valuable to a business in different ways, their benefits vary and when used together, are the most advantageous for a business’ bottom-line.

A Few Social Posts Will Get my Brand the Exposure it Needs.

If that’s all it took, then there would be thousands of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs established in just weeks. A few Facebook posts, 2-3 Instagram posts a day and BAM, your brand has all it needs to survive. Maybe in a fairytale world, but here in the year 2019, where there are over four billion users on the internet and over 70% of them are present on social media, it’s going to take a little more than that. Your content is more important than what you say. Actions speak louder than words. If you’re going to be active on social media, use it as a complement to what you’re doing out there in the real world. Get involved in community events to gain exposure, partner with companies that can help you bring out the best in each other’s brands, and use specific targeting tactics in your overall strategy to get your brand in front of the right audience. Social media marketing via boosts and ads takes those social posts to the next level. Google Adwords puts your business in line to get seen by multiple users who may need the products or services you provide. However, a few social posts is not going to do anything to your brand but get it lost in a sea of other brands that are trying harder!

There are dozens and dozens of marketing myths that are simply untrue. Don’t believe everything you read and most definitely don’t take it for gospel as your next business strategy without having some true quantifiers to back it up. For assistance with your next marketing project and to ensure you don’t fall into the abyss of marketing traps out there, contact Amaniac Design today!

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