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Quality Score

Marketing Tip Monday: When it comes to digital marketing and advertising, Google AdWords is a wonderful platform to expand your brand’s reach and ignite brand awareness. When creating and monitoring Google AdWords ads and using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, take note of the quality score of your keywords and PPC ads. After performing the proper keyword research and implementing them into your campaigns and ad groups, monitor the way the keywords are performing. Quality score is a good indicator of how well your advertising efforts are doing on this specific platform. It is essentially Google’s measurement of how relevant your keywords are to their respective ad groups. Quality score determines your cost per click and is multiplied by your maximum bid. From this calculation, your ad is ranked in the ad auction process and your quality score is reached. The closer to 10, the better! Factors that influence quality score include click-through rate, landing page and quality relevance, ad text relevance, and history of AdWords account performance. Quality score correlates with the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns, so it’s important to make sure you’re aligning your landing page copy with the words and ads you are paying for on Google. The more aligned the advertising efforts are and the more the words correlate with what your brand is associated with, the better your quality score will be! Contact Amaniac Design, to put your best foot forward with your digital marketing.

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