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Hi-Temp Products

Rebranding a multi-generational family owned and operated business is always a tricky task - it's not just business, it's personal. Therefor, changes to such a brand identity need to be carefully calculated so that all stakeholders buy into the transition. Amaniac modernized Hi-Temps identity in the marketplace with a fresh logo, fully responsive website, and sales kit. Who knew you could make heating elements look sexy!


Rebranding & Collateral


Retail & Wholesale

Part of the redevelopment of a brand is to consider what elements should remain part of the identity. The bright red color seemed to be the outstanding element (no pun intended).

In redesigning the sales sheets, an understanding of the technical language and products was a large part of trimming and reordering the content within a better executed layout.

The biggest challenge in redeveloping a new site for the client was the lack of product images. This was overcome by researching stock photography that could fit the specific products, as well as the industries the client serves. Reordering the site map and content was another large part of the project, as well as creating a site that could be easy to navigate.

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