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Web banners are integrated into almost every marketing strategy that has an online presence. Whether on social media, or on a website, incorporating them into your strategy is important. Amaniac Design can hep you create dynamic advertising campaigns in line with your brand theme and campaign message.

Over 50% of people don’t click banner ads because they don’t

trust them!

We implement the best practices for integrating web banners into your social media pages as well as strategies to write engaging copy that will attract the right audience to your brand.


Amaniac can create the graphics in your banner from scratch, integrate motion graphics or other forms of interactive media and ensure a cohesive brand look. Web banners are only one part of our overall strategy implementation when optimizing your brand presence. We will tailor your content to ensure your message is appropriate for specific promotional campaigns, seasons or events, and more specifically, for your different audience segments. Allow us to help build your brand recognition, maximize your sales around the holidays, drive traffic to your website or landing pages, and increase your sales and overall conversions!

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