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Platform Fluidity

Marketing Tip Monday: Think about what your thought process is when you decide to post content from your social media personal profile. If it’s a quick thought, you probably post to Twitter. If it’s an article or something more in-depth, chances are you probably post to Facebook. If it’s picture-centric, Instagram is probably your go-to. As a business, it is necessary to have fluidity within the content you post across all platforms and to tailor the way you share the information to cater to those platforms. While one person may follow you on all platforms and see the same information 3 times, there’s likely a greater portion of your audience that may only follow you on just one platform. By choosing posting to one platform over another, you lose out on the potential customers that may exist on the other platforms that you don’t have a presence on. Additionally, social media is about engagement, so do what you can to make your followers’ experience memorable and to best serve your customers on each platform. Take note of feedback across ALL accounts, don’t just reply or check your messages on one. And remember, if one person sees the same information 3 times, it only increases the likelihood of brand awareness and engagement! Contact Amaniac Design to learn how we create a flexible social media marketing plan across all of your platforms today!

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